The Global Recycling Day

March 18, 2020 4 min read


Recycling: a step towards protecting the environment

Today stands recycling in the centre! Let's onGlobal Recycling Day do the right thing and save the planet!

What is Global Recycling Day

We hear little about it and yet it is one of the most important things on earth : the recycling .

That's what this is forGlobal Recycling Day there! Of theGlobal Recycling Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and the use of products made from recycled materials to encourage the development of more sustainable economic cycles.

Recycling is one of the most effective methods tom protecting our environment. It is important to make recycling a global issue in a number of ways.

With small steps you can big changes produce!

Recycling at home

theWorld bankestimates that waste production from 2.01 billion tons in 2016 to 3.4 billion tons in 2050.Today at least 33% of this waste worldwide is poorly recycled through open landfills or incineration.

Too many people do not recycle or recycle only poorly because they are not informed enough. This creates problems and raises important questions for our world. So our actions count, because we are the actors in a greener world.

For many people, recycling is limited to separating rubbish in the colored bins without really worrying about the composition of the products. Sorting and recycling is also very expensive and time-consuming for many. But in reality are sufficient simple, quick actions to participate in waste recycling.

Recycling is for everyone! So everyone can get involved and become an actor in the preservation of the environment!

5 simple tips to keep the world safe from home!

# 1 Find out more and inquire

How should the waste be sorted Which trash can the shower gel bottle goes into? There are manye Sorting guides or Websites such as dieBSR or theGreen Dotthat provide lots of tips and information. Because an incorrectly sorted garbage can is unfortunately a garbage can that is not accepted in the sorting center.

Not all materials can be recycled. For example, not all glass products can be recycled. Borosilicate glass, which is widely used due to its high heat resistance, is one of the glass materials that cannot be recycled. However, many people make the mistake of throwing them away in glass containers.

# 2 Give packaging and food a second life

For example Use glass vessels as storage containers such as a pencil glass, candle glass, vase for flowers & plants or as a decoration. This is a good chance to show your creativity as there are many different ways you can recycle all kinds of items this way!

Plastic bags should also be reused! When they are worn out at some point, you'd better go instead reusable bags , like ourJute bags, get it and use it for every opportunity.

# 3 Choose recyclable materials

Not all objects can be recycled indefinitely. Plastic (and yet, not every plastic product) can only be recycled a few times, as can paper. Pure glass, on the other hand, (not borosilicate because it is not pure) can be recycled indefinitely. That's why glass should be preferred to plastic.

Paper is also not the perfect alternative to plastic, because its production requires a lot of water, wood and electricity, what a long term problem for the preservation of our increasingly scarce resources represents.

Compared to glass, the problem with paper is not the energy in the manufacture, but the energy Reusability, which is significantly higher with glass . It is therefore important to see which products you can continue to use frequently and then opt for glass if you want to use something for a long time.

# 4 Think about composting

The amount of food thrown away each day is incredible. Do not throw away shells, leftovers or even egg shells! These serve well as natural fertilizer in the garden for planting flowers or fruit / vegetables.This also applies to coffee grounds or tea bags.

# 5 Refillable products

Household products that leave the bottle empty after emptying it can be replenished , are a step in the right direction. As a result, much less waste is produced and the Recycling process made easier .

What solution has HALM found?

Most of the Glass Straws on the market are made of the borosilicate glass mentioned earlier, which is not recyclable if it breaks. But to solve this problem hasHALM has developed a Glass straw that is 100% recyclable.

In the rare event that HALM drinking straws break - no problem! You can dispose of them in the waste glass container, whereby they can be recycled - they are thus given a new life. That is the concept of the circular economy. It's about giving a new life to products that have already been used.

Disposal becomes easier and less frequent if, instead of single-use products such as plastic straws, you use reusable products made of e.g. glass, such as our drinking straws.


The short lifespan that many products and materials have is a major problem for our planet. There is permanent not enough resources to produce again and again and throw away. However, if more people choose To give everyday products a longer life or to use products that are more reusable , this is an important step for our planet!


Together we can save the planet, because together we are stronger!