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Sustainability is currently more important than ever before. It is becoming more and more important and urgent to integrate environmental awareness into one's own life in order to counteract climate change. It starts in everyone's everyday life and is particularly important when we all do something for it.

In the meantime, one can act sustainably in the most diverse areas of life. But this does not always have to mean doing without! We'll provide you with more cool, sustainable companies before, with whom you too integrate more sustainability into your everyday life and at the same time have fun can!


Berliner Brandstifter Noble brandies with a Berlin characterr

Berlin arsonist is committed to the development and production of particularly fine brandies with an independent Berlin character. Lots of ingredients for thatBerlin Dry Gin,Berlin "No Gin",Berlin Vodka and Premium Kornbrand come from Berlin and the surrounding area. you will be 7 times filtered and each bottle is filled by hand . The high quality and the unique taste characterize the spirits from Berliner Brandstifter.

Born in Berlin, Vincent Honrodt has been continuing a family tradition since 2009, which began at the beginning of the 20th century. Back then it was on fire Great grandfather spirits out regional and high-quality ingredients for friends and family.

All Berliner Brandstifter spirits are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and no added colorings or preservatives They are produced in small editions and checked and numbered by hand to guarantee quality.

National and international excellent for taste and design, the Berlin Dry Gin is an exceptionally soft, floral and fresh gin. Its independent character is rounded off by elderflower, mallow blossom, woodruff and fresh cucumber. There HALM a big fan of the Berlin Dry Gin and his non-alcoholic alternative is we have together with Berlin arsonist a very special and sustainable gift set, consisting of a 0.7l bottle of Berlin Dry Gin and six drinking straws made of glass.


kukki The first cocktail with ice in the bottle! 

kukki is a unique drink in which Ice cream in a cylindrical shape is already included . The kukki cocktails included no flavor enhancers and artificial colors or preservatives . Besides, they are lactose and gluten free . kukkis can be in everyone Stored freezer (-18C)t can be kept for at least 12 months. Seven incredibly delicious cocktails await you: Mojito, El Presidente, Sex on the Beach, Wild Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit, Red Berry and Colada.
The frozen kukki cocktails only need to be thawed briefly. Then they are shaken vigorously so that the alcohol mixes again with the juices. Another one after shakingHALM Glass straw for bottles in and you can serve an ice cold cocktail!

The kukki team is very proud of the development of the kukki cocktails. From the parents' farm workshop in such a large dimension. A lot of passion, sweat, maybe a tear or two, rejected plans and successful implementations are in their production machines. The Berlin Goerzwerk is your home and the origin of the delivery. The fresh ingredients such as berries, peppermint leaves or cucumber pieces are added by hand.

Since you want to enjoy the kukki cocktails with a clear conscience, you have chosen the paperfloc shipping systems. Paperfloc are innovative Insulating packaging made from 100% recyclable materials consist. Paperfloc is made from sustainable insulating packaging recycled waste paper, in which the insulating layer is made Cellulose fibers consists.

Try the delicious kukki cocktails! # defrost shake enjoy



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