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Sustainability is currently more important than ever before. It is becoming more and more important and urgent to integrate environmental awareness into one's own life in order to counteract climate change. It starts in everyone's everyday life and is particularly important when we all do something toward building a better future.

You can integrate sustainably in the most diverse areas of life, but this does not always have to mean doing without! Here we provide you with someforward thinking, sustainable companies with whom you too can integrate more sustainability into your everyday life and at the same time have fun!


Noble brandies with a Berlin character

Berliner Brandstifter  has committed itself to the development and production of particularly fine brandies with an independent Berlin character. Lots of ingredients for thatBerlin Dry Gin,Berlin "No Gin",Berlin Vodka and Premium Kornbrand come from Berlin and the surrounding area. you will be 7 times filtered and each bottle is filled by hand . The high quality and the unique taste characterized by the spirits from Berliner Brandstifter.

Born in Berlin, Vincent Honrodt has been continuing a family tradition since 2009, which began at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time it was on fire Great grandfather spirits the end regional and high-quality ingredients for friends and family.

All Berliner Brandstifter spirits are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and without the addition of colorings or preservatives. They are produced in small editions and checked and numbered by hand to guarantee quality.

National and international excellent for taste and design, the Berlin Dry Gin is an exceptionally soft, floral and fresh gin. Its independent character is rounded off by elderflower, mallow blossom, woodruff and fresh cucumber. HALM is a big fan of the Berlin Dry Gin and it's non-alcoholic alternativeWe offer Berliner Brandstifter have a very special and in a sustainable gift set, consisting of a 0.7l bottle of Berlin Dry Gin and six drinking straws made of glass, custom designed in branded packaging for those Berlin Gin Lovers!

The first cocktail with ice in the bottle!

kukki Cocktails is a unique iced-cocktail in a bottle drink. The kukki cocktails included no artificial flavors and no artificial colors or preservatives. They are also lactose and gluten free .


kukkis can be in stored in anyfreezer (-18C)t and can be kept for at least 12 months. Seven incredibly delicious cocktails await you: Mojito, El Presidente, Sex on the Beach, Wild Passion Fruit, Pink Grapefruit, Red Berry and Colada.

The frozen kukki cocktails only need to be thawed briefly. Then they are shaken vigorously so that the alcohol mixes again with the juices. Another one after shakingHALM Glass straw for bottles in and you can serve an ice cold cocktail!

The kukki team is very proud of the development of the kukki cocktails. From the parents' farm workshop in such a large dimension. A lot of passion, sweat, maybe a tear or two, rejected plans and successful implementations are in their production machines. The Berlin Goerzwerk is your home and the origin of the delivery. The fresh ingredients such as berries, peppermint leaves or cucumber pieces are added by hand.

Since you want to enjoy the kukki cocktails with a clear conscience, you have chosen the paperfloc shipping systems. Paperfloc are innovative Insulating packaging made from 100% recyclable materials exist. Paperfloc is made from sustainable insulating packaging recycled waste paper, in which the insulating layer is made Cellulose fibers consists.

Try the delicious kukki cocktails! # defrost shake enjoy


Flying Bar Crew Premium Cocktails & Cateringg

theFlying bar crew was founded in 2014 by Ashley Wick. In doing so, he turned his passion into a profession and has been offering cocktail catering at the highest level ever since. With his classic and original cocktails Ashley and his team refine every event. The Flying Bar Crew stands for flair, elegance and passion. Its customers include internationally known companies and brands. In the Alsterhaus they pamper the discerning clientele and at the opening of the film festival, the stars toast with their drinks.

Since no more events were possible due to the corona pandemic, the Flying Bar Crew in Hamburg has one without further ado Delivery service for the freshly mixed cocktails brought to life. Also were Cocktail packages for private and business customers that have since been sent to cocktail lovers all over Europe. Many companies use the packages to organize a virtual team event in combination with a digital live workshop. True to the motto: Enjoyment connects even when contact restrictions apply..

As passionate followers of classic bar culture, they rely on original cocktail creations that really deserve their name. You only use high quality spirits, discreetly elegant garnishes and crystal clear ice cream scoops . With culinary creativity and craftsmanship, they create unique drinks that flatter even spoiled palates. With their events and cocktail packages, the Flying Bar Crew celebrates bar culture at the highest level.

„We are very happy to have HALM as a partner. thesustainable Glass Straws fit perfectly with our philosophy and are enthusiastically accepted by our customers. The increased environmental awareness can also be clearly felt in cocktail catering. Since we have always acted in a resource-saving manner , this is not a challenge for us. Thanks to HALM , we were finally able to banish one of the last polluters from our range with the plastic HALM .“

( Ashley Wick, founder and head of the Flying Bar Crew)

Culinary moments of pleasure & fascinating moments

The proud founder ofLe Carrousel, Fabian Erdmann, has been deeply involved in the Event catering rooted. Even as a small toddler, he enthusiastically tasted a variety of kitchen specialties.
Time is the most valuable resource in our modern society. Le Carrousel gives its customers exactly that: valuable hours in which they can prepare for their host role or devote themselves to their daily tasks without being disturbed. In the background, Le Carrousel takes over the Overall planning of the event . from Corporate events & corporate concierge viaWeddings & Wedding concierge, private cocktail courses, sustainable catering and much more. Le Carrousel combines moments of culinary pleasure with fascinating moments.

A resource-saving handling with the planet shimmers through in all the services of Le Carrousel. They see sustainability as a holistic concept. All aspects of the value chain are part of it. They prefer to work with Partners from the region , pay attention to short delivery routes and animal welfare. If possible, they purchase fruit and vegetables free of pesticides, seasonal and regional.

Since Le Carrousel cares a lot about the environment, they are also a big one Fan of ourHALM glass HALM straws.

“The images of plastic waste in the oceans go around the world. With every event, Le Carrousel wants to help prevent that from happening. At Le Carrousel there is only HALM!”


Inspirations for your home

Westwing was founded in 2011 by Delia Lachance - so 2021 is an important birthday year! Before that, Delia was an editor at ELLE and ELLE Decoration. At the time, she was often desperately looking for inspiring and appealing online shops with acceptable prices. That's exactly what she made of Westwing. The concept includes a club with changing sales and an online shop that goes under the nameWestwingNow is known. Inspiration is of course very important to both of them.

„Westwing is a shoppable magazine with the aim to inspire you every day to make your home more beautiful. - Delia Lachance (née Fischer), Westwing Founder & Chief Creative Officerr

Since not only our apartment, but also the earth on which we live is our home, their well-being is very important to Westwing. As we all know, there is more to that Sustainability in all areas of everyday life necessary. Westwing is currently focusing on this topic and has been for a long time and is constantly working on developing more sustainably.


From careful procurement and production to sustainable merchandising you Ecological Footprint and that of your business partners should become smaller and smaller. They are already increasingly relying on sustainable materials (linen, but also mango wood as a rapidly renewable raw material). When sending the products, they put on 100% recyclable cardboard. Some of them contain recycled paper as filler material. And of course it is also important to Westwing to report on sustainable products and companies like HALM . These are marked with the We Care label in their club sales. But sustainability is also reported on their inspiration pages. The development towards zu „more sustainability“ is in full swing let yourself be surprised..


Unique and sustainable drinks (SPREE GIN)

Gabriel Grote and his partner Henning Birkenhake held the 2010 in Berlin Prenzlauer BergGrote & Co. Spirits Manufactory founded. They not only produce the family recipe Pijökel 55. You are also always on the lookout for exciting new drinks and recipes. The latest developments are the mild BRLN Williams Honey and the fresh Spree Gin.

Spree gin is Berlin's first organic gin with real Spreewald cucumber and a liquid declaration of love to the city of Berlin. Demeter Spreewald cucumbers from the Pretschen estate and selected botanicals such as lavender blossoms, bitter orange peels and liquorice roots give the gin its fine, balanced and fresh taste. HALM is also a big fan of Spree Gin!

The products exist too 100% made from high quality organic raw materials and are vegan, lactose and gluten free. The Grote & Co. Spirits Manufaktur designs innovative, unique recipes and only uses the best ingredients. These are carefully and sustainably processed by hand. Social engagement is very important to them . They take care of our environment with strong initiatives. They also regularly take part in international competitions, and their products have already won several awards.



Environmentally friendly enjoyment with style

The team of the Munich start-upFLSK manages to transform ordinary everyday products into innovative, design-oriented favorite brands. With their products high quality stainless steel it is very easy to integrate sustainability into everyday life. the FLSK drinking bottle and the muki snack pot are long-lasting Alternatives to plastic products . They look elegant and are highly functional so they create real moments of pleasure..

Both as a company and as a private person, the FLSK team sees the privilege of being able to find and implement sustainable (more) solutions in many areas of everyday life. It is your responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities and to take as many people as possible with you on this journey.

The environment is important to FLSK because it is nothing less than our livelihood, the home of billions of people and animals that they want to protect and preserve. For FLSK, sustainability is the constant movement towards the ecologically and socially best possible. The way there is by no means a straight one, but rather characterized by an open exchange of opinions and critical self-reflection. Free, authentic, out of conviction - These are the signs from FLSK.

„Sustainability is not a state that we can achieve and thus tick off the topic. We are an agile company and want to continuously improve. We look forward to the open exchange, because by constantly questioning and optimizing, we are moving step by step towards sustainability.“
(Amelie Mair, Head of Marketing & International Strategy)

If you choose FLSK, you choose environmentally friendly enjoyment, appreciative looks and incomparable moments.

0% alcohol, 100% taste and 200% bite

GIMBER the alcohol-free ginger mix with a bite!

From the garage out into the world - A contemporary art freak and an animated series producer, Dimitri's weekly schedule was jam-packed. He was afraid of attending another event that served bad wine or sugary soft drinks.

So Dimitri started looking for a healthier alternative that tastes great and doesn't cause any headaches. Since he couldn't find one, he created it himself. He tried all possible combinations and ingredients. Until one day in November 2017, all of these ingredients came together in a wonderful blend.

„I felt like Willy Wonka, just without the crazy kids.r.”
(Dimitri, founder of GIMBER) 

True greatness through inner values - Today GIMBER is very popular as a non-alcoholic lifestyle drink with a lot of bite in BeNeLux, France, England and Germany. Probably the most versatile organic drink is an absolute energy booster because GIMBER is full of high-quality ginger, lemons, herbs, spices and convinces on every level. Yes, it is the soft drink revolution that cannot be compared to anything but is ahead in everything. The ginger concentrate is extremely versatile: pure, with soda / mineral water, hot water as well as in mocktails / cocktails or as a fine ingredient for cooking. The absolute classic is very refreshing and easy to make: 30 ml of GIMBER mixed with 200 ml of sparkling water and topped with a garnish of your choice. This is how water turns into gold.d.

The secret behind the taste explosion The inner values of GIMBER. Everyone knows that ginger is a medicinal plant. What is less well known is that the spicy, hot power tuber is beneficial to health, primarily thanks to the gingerol it contains. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effects, can lower cholesterol, and relieve nausea and joint pain. As a drink, GIMBER is an absolute immune and metabolism booster. The start-up's vision: the realization of a healthy lifestyle full of energy and joie de vivre in a better world. True to the motto:o: DARE LIFE, DRINK GIMBER.


Sustainable beauty alternatives with exciting fragrance compositions


puremetics is a sustainable startup from Hanover. They pose with love green beauty alternatives from the ingredients to the packaging and shipping 100% plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free are. You are reinterpreting sustainable cosmetics. Your products are reduced to the essentials without being boring. Unfortunately, green cosmetics have so far been implemented in a rather unspectacular manner. puremetics makes with modern design and excitingn Fragrance compositions curious and convinces with first-class ingredients.

It's time to act. Every year tons of plastic end up in the oceans because of the cosmetics industry. puremetics wants to solve the plastic and toxin problem of the cosmetics industry and with their sustainable products offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy high-quality cosmetics and at the same time do something good for the environment. More and more people are choosing to live more consciously and mindfully. puremetics accompanies and inspires you on this path. puremetics offers high-quality and exciting beauty alternatives that your customers can enjoy without having to change their beloved rituals and habits.

It is not enough for them just not to bring new plastic into circulation with their products. In addition, they collect for every incoming order 1 kg of plastic waste from coastal regions so that it does not end up in the oceans.
Puremetics is for everyone who doesn't want to choose between world savers and beauty junkies.



That was just a small selection of ours great cooperation partner . There are so many more! HALM stands for Sustainability, longevity, quality, circularity, security and fairness .

If you HALM the same values and would like to partner with HALM, contact us gladly by Tell us about your sustainable ideas and concepts.

Let's fight together for a sustainable future!

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