Internorga goes viral! Hand in hand against the coronavirus

March 05, 2020 4 min read

Internorga exhibitors start online format

The Internorga in Hamburg will not take place in March this year due to the coronavirus .In doing so, the organizer is following the recommendations of the Federal Government's crisis team when assessing the risk of major events with regard to the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute.

That is why some innovative start-ups and young companies have joined forces Alternative program considered to attract interested customers - despite the current situation - to present new and exciting ideas from the industry .

The idea came up almost overnight! Call on Wednesday, March 3rd, one day after the cancellation of the Internorga in March our founders Sebastian Müller and Andy Romanowski from kukki Cocktail to forge a plan, since both are faced with the same problem of not being able to go to Hamburg. They came up with brainstorming sessions over the phone with their teams the idea of an online mini fair . In the afternoon of the same day, the concept was ready and the first Facebook post went online. In the evening there were already six firm commitments from other Internorga exhibitors for the event, which will take place in Berlin .

In keeping with the times, we are producing our own online version of the fair, which is broadcast in film format every day on the social networks of the respective participants.On the first day 13.03. there will be a more extensive live show - including presentations and Q & A's, both about the products and the companies and people behind them! Everything that customers always wanted to know is answered, accompanied by an evening program in the background. From Saturday to Tuesday there will be more episodes from the areas of food & beverage, technology and design every day.n.

Andreas Romanowski. Founder of kukki Cocktail


Have less than 12 hours after posting the following young companies have already confirmed their participation :

By chance, Reiner Burkert, project manager at Malzfabrik, Berlin, reads the Facebook Post and is enthusiastic about the idea that innovative companies cannot be brought to their knees despite Corona! Spontaneously he provides the Malzfabrik premises 3 days available. The Association of Event Organizers is also on board as a partner .

The stone is rolling! There are currently a few places available - If you want to know more, take a look at the event online or contact us directly via theFacebook event. 

All inquiries are directed to ours Organizer Greta: greta at halm.coco

We are very excited and are happy that we have found a solution despite the unfortunate situation. Thanks to all the motivated young companies and for the mutual support. See you online, Corona does not infect anyone!

More detailed information on the spontaneously participating companies


Sasha von Frittenlove has a novelty - smoky fries - the fries are hand-smoked with beech smoke, which creates an incredible umami aroma. This is how fries become an experience. How does the pink roasted rib eye steak sound with whiskey mayonnaise and smoked potato fries to bite into. A product for everyone for whom 0815 is not enough.t.

Bottoms Up Beer Germany 

Bottoms Up Beer, the innovation leader in terms of quick dispensing systems and efficiency in draft beer, presents its new Bottoms Up Beerrobot.As is particularly evident in these times, compliance with hygiene and cleanliness is of the utmost importance.The Bottoms Up Beerrobot is perfectly suited to ensure this security and gives an excellent draft beer with an unmistakable WOW effect in seconds and increases sales.


The SCRAEGG Pro machine prepares various warm snacks and meals in under 20 seconds with steam. Scrambled eggs, porridge, soups and much more are prepared very quickly and gently. A small revolution for the hotel and catering scene, but also for the entire out-of-home market, because the device requires little space and is very easy to use. Because each serving is freshly prepared, less food has to be thrown away.

Too good to go 

Many trade fairs do not take place due to the coronavirus - but the extent of food waste cannot stop the virus. Therefore, Too Good To Go, Europe's leading app for food rescue, is also present at the online fair and carries the vision of a food-waste-free world outside.

Bug foundation 

Baris Özel, founder and managing director of the Bug Foundation, presents the latest product: an insect burger based on buffalo worms for the refrigerated shelves in supermarkets. The burger will replace the previous frozen burger and will be available in food retailers from summer 2020.With the launch of the new burger patty, the recipe was revised and the bug foundation dispenses with soy and egg, so that the burger is also suitable for Entovegans and more allergy-friendly. The optimized recipe also leads to a further improvement in the taste of the product, has a higher proportion of insects and continues to use natural ingredients.

kukki cocktail 

The first cocktail with ice and fresh fruits in the bottle is now also available in reusable cups, suitable for large events and locations where glass is a no-go! Perfect for the caterer, both in the stadium and in the theater. There is also a new v14.3 toaster for kukki bottles in 2020.