Cleanliness of drinking straws in the gastro

March 11, 2020 2 min read

One of the most common questions most restaurateurs ask themselves is quite clear:“How do I get the Glass Straws clean?” First of all, one advantage that glass has over other materials is that you can see if it's really clean. So guests can be sure that the HALM cleaned well! But how exactly do you manage that he not only sparkling clean looks, but is also hygienically clean?

Easy cleaning of glass drinking straws with the dishwasher


It often has to be very quick behind the counter, no matter if bar or restaurant . At first glance, it seems simpler to take a disposable straw out of the pack, put it in the drink and then throw it away. But all of that garbage resulting from this is not only bad for our environment , but cares also for work ! The garbage bag fills up faster, takes up space and must also be disposed of.

Of the Cleaning process of the Glass Straws can easily be done together with cleaning the drinking glasses - all together in the dishwasher and glasses and drinking straws are ready for use again! HALM drinking straws are namely dishwasher safe and therefore do no more work than the drinking glasses, which have to be cleaned anyway.

Our glass straws can withstand up to 200 degrees Celsius - this means that the heat of the water in the dishwasher is not a problem for the drinking straws, but also for the hygiene guaranteed.


Cleaning by hand with a glass straw cleaning brush


Not every company has one dishwasher at the counter This is also thanks to our Gastro brush no problem for the drinking straws, as they deliver a quick and clean result. Just like the glasses in the bathroom sink rinsed, several straws can be picked up and cleaned with the gastro brush. Thereafter rinse with hot water and after a short time they are dry and clean and can therefore be cleaned in the same breath as the drinking glasses, more precisely approximately 20 straws in two minutes!
Our drinking straws are therefore no less hygienic than drinking out of a glass without a straw or using a different type of straw, since these must first be touched in order to end up in the drink. The drinking straws can be cleaned in the same process as the rest of the cutlery, glasses and plates used in the Hospitality industry.



Whether by hand or in the dishwasher - our Glass Straws are clean quickly and easily ! Both the manual cleaning with the Gastro brush as well as the mechanical one Cleaning in the cutlery basket of the glass and dishwasher deliver a sparkling clean, hygienic Result.