France:Together for a more sustainable world

April 14, 2020 4 min read


Plastic straw ban Discover and choose the glass alternative!

In France alone are going daily 8.8 million plastic straws used and thrown away. You belong to the10 most collected objects on French beaches. Their effects on our beautiful planet are catastrophic and do not contribute to the improved preservation of our environment. It's just a small item, but it's very difficult to recycle.

What is France's position on the disposal of plastic waste

Every year the enormous amount of80,000 tons of plastic waste released into the environment. In 2016, France only has26.2% of its plastic waste is recycled, which is well below the European average of 40.8%. But how can that be explained??


Not all plastics are recyclable and therefore not all plastics are treated equally. Most plastic waste is incinerated to produce energy: this is known as energy recovery, a process that is widely used in France. Others are disposed of in landfills, and the rest (only about a quarter) is recycled, i.e. processed and recovered in such a way that it can be reused.


So France is lagging behind when it comes to recycling. That is why we must to act quickly because if we stand idly by, the litter builds up in our seas and pollutes our waters.

Our actions are important

The French are not the best example to follow when it comes to sorting.However, every one of our actions has consequencespositive or negative, we change things one way or another. So why not just act to save our planet and protect the environment?

Whether we are giving up single-use plastic items, using alternatives, paying more attention to sorting and recycling, or supporting initiatives against plastic waste: every movement and every action is beneficial in the fight against the destruction of our environment, because yes: it isOUR Environment andWEATHER have to protect them.

By doing all of thatZero wastesupport, we help the planet and its creatures to live in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable environment for our generation, but also for future generations. Let's stand together and fight together!

The French and the plastic straws

The end of the plastic straws is for everyone!

To put an end to these objects that pollute our oceans and threaten the marine world, the European Parliament has a final oneBan on single-use plastic products from 2021 decided to include plastic straws.

Eliminating plastic straws is a simple but effective way to help preserve the environment.

Good to know

France has already started banning them. In fact, some restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets have already stopped using and selling plastic straws. But no worry, there are alternatives to keep sipping your favorite drinks on all occasions!

Plastic straws were mostly throughpaper,Bamboo-,Silicone- orStainless steel drinking straws replaced. There are other alternatives, such as edible straws (made from paste, avocado seeds, sugar or ice cream) or even Straws made of straw . This is a positive point in the fight against plastic, but not enough in terms of ecology: paper, for example, is not reusable and less environmentally friendly than a metal or glass straw, although it is cheaper. The best alternative must therefore be selected from these various options.

But which alternative should be preferred?


Plastic straws are becoming increasingly rare in France. There have been several in recent years Alternatives emerged to replace them.

But how do you choose the best solution and what is the most environmentally friendly option?

It's easy. We havehere all alternatives compared to find the best drinking straw for smoothies, cocktails, soft drinks or your favorite hot drinks for every occasion.

So we found that the glass alternative is the best .

Has glassmany advantages versus other options. A special, strong, transparent, tasteless glass that contains neither plastic nor chemicals is by far thatmost environmentally friendly and most suitable alternative for straw lovers and everyone who wants to become one. It may seem fragile and risky to children, but once tested and learned, you can hardly do without them! Indeed the straw is very shockproof and poses no greater risk to a child than a normal drinking glass. Nevertheless, we of course recommend that the children always drink under care.

For this reason we decided to use the HALM glass drinking Glass straw to develop for you!

Where to find glass drinking straws in France?

Glass drinking straws are an alternative that still exists in Francelittle developed and with professionals and private individualslittle known is. They can be found on the internet, but still very few in supermarkets, and even on the internet they are still quite rare. Therefore offers you HALM his high quality and ecological glass drinking straws on - all products too 100% in Germany manufactured and also available with express delivery to France!

The advantage of the HALM is that it is made ofrecyclable, extremelystable andtransparent Glass will be produced. It is easy to clean and suitable for any drink, whether warm or cold, sparkling or non-sparkling. For more originality, HALM also offers individual engravings! Stylish and elegant, it is also perfect for restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.

For more information about our Glass Straws , visit our online shop to discover different varieties and our special editions for the ideal straw to find for you or your loved ones.