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How long are the delivery times

On working days we hand over the goods to the responsible shipping service provider within 48 hours of placing your order.

As soon as yourHALM drinking straws have left our warehouse, you will receive an email from us with all the relevant information. If you have to go even faster, use our express shipping or contact us! We have already performed some miracles and saved many a party.

Can I also buy HALM near me ?

In addition to our well-stocked Online shop New retailers join us every day who work with us to make the world a little more sustainable.

You know a shop nearby that should definitely sell our HALM drinking HALM. Sign upr contact@halm.co.

What payment options are there

As a HALM customer you can use our webshop with:

- PayPal

- VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro credit cardso)

- Instant bank transfer

- Payment in advance

- Apple Pay

- Accelerated Payments GooglePay, Apple Pay, Shop Payy)

- Klarna Payments

- eps transfer

I need an invoice for my order

We automatically send an invoice via email for every order.

You have not received a SPAM filter e-mail, you cannot find the invoice again, or the invoice you received is incorrect, simply write us your request, stating your customer number, an contact@halm.co and we are happy to help you.

Can I borrow the straws for my party

Yes! And even support a good cause! Our friends from Rent4Event have our HALM drinking straws in their range and donate all income from the HALM rental to the organization Sea Shepherdthat has been committed to protecting the seas for years.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Just follow this link https://www.halm.co/account/login# and you can set up a new password without much effort. Have fun browsing and ordering!

My delivery was damaged in transit, what can I do?

We took a lot of time to develop ourHALM drinking straws and to give their packaging exactly the right properties and dimensions in order to be able to offer a particularly durable and stable product without chemicals and plastic.

If something is damaged in transit, please contact us with the order number if possible here.

My order is incomplete or wrong items have been delivered

We send ours with a lot of love every dayHALM drinking straws from Berlin to the whole world. Of course, the HALM team is not free from human errors either, because everything is packed by hand with us.

Simply register, if possible stating your order number contact@halm.co and we solve the problem.


How stable are HALM drinking straws

HALM drinking straws areextremely stable and accompany you in many situations!

The high-quality manufacturing process prevents your HALM into a hundred tiny pieces of glass as soon as it hits the ground. Usually it bounces like a rubber ball on the floor and stays as it is.

Since June 2017 we have equipped over 5,000 satisfied restaurateurs with our drinking straws. The daily HALM test there proves that HALM is the perfect companion for your drink.

Sure - even glass can break under extreme conditions. But in this case you can dispose of it in the waste glass container with a clear conscience and give it a second life.

HALM is also suitable for children

As parents, we are always amazed at how exciting a simple glass of tap water HALM tastes for our children with a HALM ! It encourages the children to drink and turns every grouch into a drinkHALM fan .

HALM is through hisstability Suitable for children and encourages drinking. If your child is already drinking from a drinking glass, they can use a HALM drinking straw without hesitation. Find out more about the topic heresafety or contact us. Our team of experienced parents will be happy to answer your questions.

Children also do not bite intuitively on the HALM , as they usually do with plastic straws, but rather test how many bubbles can be made.

Our drinking straws are made in Germany Quality glass made, which is extremely stable and durable. Nevertheless, the HALM are not unbreakable, as is the case with cups or drinking glasses. It is crucial that the drinking straws cannot splinter at the edge and therefore there is no risk of injury. We recommend HALM like new cutlery, because you don't run through the apartment with a fork.

What glass are HALM drinking straws made of

OurHALM drinking straws are made of high quality glass in Germany. Our special glass itself is very strong. However, this is increased again by baking the glass in a special process in an oven at a high temperature, by the way, this oven is operated with solar energy!der HALM its tension and becomes more stable. Your HALM also gets additional strength from the ratio between wall thickness and inner diameter.

Many other retailers use borosilicate glass for their drinking straws. Because of its too high melting temperature, this glass is hazardous waste, which cannot be recycled. Ultimately, this glass ends up in the garbage dump and is therefore not very sustainable and even environmentally harmful.

Our HALM drinking straws are not only stable, but also part of a sustainable circular economy. You want more knowledge

What distinguishes HALM straws from other alternatives such as metal, bamboo, straw or borosilicate glass

All alternatives to plastic have their advantages and disadvantages and are preferable to disposable straws. in thecomparison However, glass clearly wins as THE alternative.Glass is tasteless, of high quality and is at the same time the most hygienic of the reusable materials. For example, you can see immediately whether a Glass straw is clean, and you can say the same about a stainless steel straw

If a straw from HALM should break, it can safely be put in the waste glass container. Borosilicate drinking straws cannot do that. Their melting point is higher and they either have to be brought to the recycling center or end up in the hazardous waste dump.

Our HALM drinking straws but are extremely stable, so you will most likely pass them on to your grandchildren. You can do that with edible alternatives, raw pasta, straw and co. rather not do.

Also: who wants a gin and tonic that tastes like pasta after 10 minutes and lots of noodles that end up in the residual waste?

What material is the HALM packaging made of

All of our packaging is not only plastic-free but alsoFSC mix certified. This means that materials from FSC-certified forests and / or recycled material as well as material from controlled sources are used in production. FSC-certified or post-consumer recycling material is either used at least 70% or an at least equivalent amount is used in the production process to produce the labeled goods..

The FSC trademarks on wood and wood products stand for transparency and credibility worldwide. They ensure that people and naturefair and responsible and can be found worldwide on a steadily growing range of products.

What material are the brushes made of

HALM is aplastic-free overall product - Of course, this also applies to our versatile cleaning brushes. These are included with every set and are offNatural bristles.

Due to the diameter of our HALM drinking straws, it is currently not possible to hygienically clean them with a material of plant origin - we have therefore opted for the bristle of the Chinese bristle pig.

We are still looking for a plant-based alternative, but currently cannot offer a vegan brush that meets our quality standards and approaches to sustainability.

A brush is included with every set

We have a handy and for each of our setsplastic-free cleaning brush attached.

This is particularly suitable when you are on the go. You can quickly clean your HALM with a little water and, thanks to your bag, store it safely when you are on the go. At home, our drinking straws are wonderfully clean in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher. If a drink was particularly stubborn, our cleaning brush will help you get a crystal clear drinking straw again.

Where and under what conditions are the HALM produced

We produce, pack and distributeHALM drinking straws to100% in Germany . We attach great importance to thisfair Working conditions and fair pay.

Our motto„Profit for All“ we live, among other things, through close cooperation withLebenshilfewerk , in which people with disabilities pack a large part of our orders.

You wish that for your workplace too. Take a look at ourse Job page or convince us proactively jobs@halm.co

Can I drink hot and cold drinks with the HALM?

Of course you can bring your latte macchiato with youHALM , because our HALM drinking straws are heat-resistant up to 200 degrees, but your coffee shouldn't be that hot. We now count a large number of tea drinkers / tearooms among our loyal fans, because HALM is an upgrade for every drink..

If you like ice-cold drinks HALM, nothing stands in the way of HALM freezing, because our drinking straws can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees. If you're actually creating a great ice cocktail with HALM us day but onuf Instagram then everyone benefits from it.

What is the diameter of the HALM drinking straws

All of our HALM glass HALM Glass Straws have an inner diameter of 6mm, so that even the thickest smoothie fits through HALMbecause he does not give in. On the outside it is smaller than a centimeter, so that the perfect mouthfeel is created.


Is HALM 100 plastic-free

OurHALM drinking straws , the brushes and their packaging are of course 100 plastic-free. We even got with thatm FLUSTIX seal Certified as a plastic-free overall product 25TN18.ert.

HALM plastic-free

Generally our standard shipping is too100 plastic freei , the envelope is100 paperr , The boxes are made of cardboard and of course we do not use any unnecessary filling material

When we send large quantities, we must of course use very sturdy outer packaging. We only use adhesive tape made of paper, which can be recycled together with the cardboard and is partly made from renewable resources.

How is HALM still committed to HALM?

Our goal is to be a company withZERO PLASTIC IMPACT to be in all areas!

We as a team are also working, for example, on the constant reduction of our rubbish in the office and in production, which includes conscious consumption as well as our joint, self-cooked lunch several times a week. We use as much unpackaged organic food as possible to avoid unnecessary single-use packaging for quick takeaway meals.


How can I clean HALM Are they dishwasher safe?

Naturally!HALM drinking straws can be cleaned easily and are sparkling clean again after a wash cycle.

The glass strawssimply in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher stand upright. In the standard program, the HALM drinking straws are HALM from top to bottom despite the small opening and thus achieve the same level of cleanliness as a drinking glass.

If you are a fan of thick fruit juices, smoothies or milky drinks, we recommend rinsing with clear water and possibly theCleaning brush included with every set.

More information is also available on ourCleaning infopage.

I don't have a dishwasher, how can I clean HALM

The plastic-free cleaning brush offers the solution in the event that the liquid fruit does not want to separate from the glass because of the sheer love for HALM .

With soap and water, HALM shines again in a crystal-clear light after cleaning.



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