3 billion plastic & disposable straws are thrown away daily worldwide.

EU plastic ban

The ban on the sale of the most polluting disposable plastic products has been by law since July 3, 2021. This includes disposable plastic straws. Straws made from biodegradable plastics (OXO) are also no longer allowed as they too contain plasticisers.

The best reusable, most sustainable and hygienic alternative for private households and hospitality are reusable glass straws from HALM!

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Our Mission

At HALM,we created the best glass straws in the world with the goal to bring more taste to your drinks and less waste into the environment.

Our mission is to continually create the most environmentally friendly drinking straws that are both sustainable and stylish.

Additionally, through our "Less Waste Initiative" a percentage of each sold set of straws is donated toward worldwide cleanups and education for communities to fight against plastic pollution.

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