Our realization

- Be around the daily three billion plastic straws used and then thrown away. That's the weight of about 500 orca whales! On average, one straw only 15 minutes used .

- However, it takes time 300 to 500 years until it decomposes. During decomposition, it does not disappear without a trace, but turns into microplastics. These particles end up in the soil, in the ocean, and in our food chain.

- After plastic bottles and bags are Plastic straws among the top 5 of the most litter found on the beach.

For us it was clear: we have to change that! We started looking for alternatives. They were varied: from paper and metal to bamboo and straw. However, each alternative brought with it weaknesses.

Finally we realized that glass is the best alternative to plastic. reusable , tasteless, easy to clean and hygienic.

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Our success

So we founded in year 2016 our start-up HALM. First we had to do a lot of convincing, because drinking straws made of glass were still completely unknown. At first we went from bar to bar and restaurant to present our innovation in person. But word of the unbeatable advantages of our product quickly got around.

Now many count A thousand restaurateurs to our customers and there are countless of our HALM drinking straws dealers to buy - from the small bulk shop to the large supermarket.

We can avoid over a ton of plastic per day - an enormous sum! So it quickly becomes clear that the plastic straw is not just a small evil, but really weighs heavily. And this motivates us HALM further into the world carry and reach even more people.

Together with our now constantly growing team we spread our message daily, bring more flavor in your drinks and less plastic in the environment.

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The journey continues

We want to rid the world of disposable plastic straws.

But it goes much further: we want attention for everything plastic problem generate, enlighten and finally positive change in thinking and cause people to act.

With your purchase from HALM , you not only avoid waste, but also help to ensure that waste that has already occurred is collected and then disposed of properly. Then every HALM set donates and every donation supports more cleanups and less trash in nature.

The plastic straw has become a symbol of waste. Now, with HALM , we create a symbol for sustainable quality .

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