about us

The HALM team

We are proud of it, with HALM established a strong brand since 2016 to have. Our team excels at this strong core competencies , close cooperation and quick responsiveness out. Thanks to our many years of cooperation, we convince excellent customer service , extensive Customization offers and fast delivery times - and that's how we stand out from the crowd. Because our claim is not only unique with HALM quality , style and safety, but also with our service.

✓ We are idealists, but not dreamers
✓ We are down to earth but ambitious
✓ We are agile, but also chaotic
✓ We're fast, but slower than we want to be
✓ We try a lot, but we have a master plan

Co-Founder & CEO

Strengths: Operations & Ecommerce

Sebastian Mueller

Co-Founder & CPO

Strengths: Product development & brand

Hannah Cheney

General Manager & Sales

Strengths: Team management & sales

Leah Predeek

warehouse clerk

Strengths: Engraving & Shipping

Anya Haase

Sales & Customer Support

Strengths: Field Sales & Business Development

Kai Struwe

Junior Business Development Manager

Stärken: Kundenkommunikation &

Pia Steinhage


Stärken: Versand & Laser

Danny Micheel

warehouse manager

Strengths: production management & logistics

Jens-Uwe Weigel