Help for restaurateurs during the Corona crisis

March 24, 2020 5 min read


Restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are currently facing the greatest financial challenge in decades. We have put together five ways restaurateurs can overcome the crisis.

1 Reduce personnel costs without dismissals

If there is no turnover, the personnel costs can quickly become life-threatening. Dismissals are often not a good solution because restaurateurs want to take responsibility for their team and are dependent on it after the time of crisis. However, there are other ways to get around Reduce personnel costs. This prevents dismissals.

  • Short-time work: Of the employer becomes when applying for short-time work, you are immediately exempt from wage costs and recently also relieved of 100% of social security contributions. Short-time working is also intended to enable entrepreneurs to resume work quickly and with the existing workforce after the end of the absence from work. Of the Workers becomes Protected against job loss due to dismissal or bankruptcy of the employer and receives 60 of the lost net wage 67 if a child lives in the household. The local employment agency is responsible for the short-time work allowance. There must first be thedie Short-time working indicated become and then it canApplied for short-time work benefits become. As the Federal Ministry of Labor informed, short-time working allowance can already be applied for according to the future new rules. The improved short-time allowance is to come into effect retrospectively on March 1, 2020.
  • Working time account: If a working time account has been agreed, plus hours can be used and, depending on the collective agreement or employment contract, minus hours can also be built up.n.
  • Vacation: The employer can only unilaterally order leave in very narrow exceptional cases, e.g. regulation on company leave in the employment or collective agreement, remaining leave. However, in a dialogue with the employees, the possibilities of granting vacation leave adapted to the sales situation can be discussed.n.
  • Operational change cancellation: Under the conditions of the Dismissal Protection Act, an operational change notice aimed at reducing the contractual number of hours is possible.

Further information on reducing personnel costs can be found in this information sheet fromDEHOGA federal association.

2 Check whether insurance cover is effective

Another measure isBusiness closure insurance. If If the authority orders that a business has to be closed, it depends on whether the business concerned has taken out business closure insurance and how the clauses in the specific insurance contract are structured. You should therefore check your existing insurance and, if necessary, ask the insurance company . You may be entitled to insurance benefits.

3 Take advantage of promotional loans

The federal government and the states have decided on a large number of financial support programs to bridge liquidity bottlenecks.

  • KfW loans: The Federal Ministry of Finance has relaxed the requirements for KfW loans. Two loans are distinguished according to the type of company:

These loans are actually intended to finance investments or working capital. In the context of the corona crisis, KfW massively relaxed the criteria for granting loans in order to give companies the opportunity to obtain liquidity quickly. Loans up to an amount of 3 million can be applied for at the house bank without further examination by KfW. There is more information on the steps necessary to apply for a loan here.

4 Apply for tax deferrals

In order to accommodate companies, the Federal Ministry of Finance has defined tax measures to bridge the strained liquidity situation.

  • Request for an interest-free deferral, so a shift andd Request to reduce advance payments the eggincome tax and reduction of the trade tax base

“The taxpayers who are demonstrably directly and not insignificantly affected can submit applications for deferral of taxes that are already due or becoming due up to this point in time and are administered by the state tax authorities on behalf of the federal government by December 31, 2020, stating their circumstances Make advance payments on income and corporation tax.”

- Federal Ministry of Finance


You can find the application documenthere.

  • Application for a stay of enforcement: From enforcement measuresIn the case of all taxes that are in arrears or that are due by this point in time, the application will be waived by December 31, 2020
  • Application for deferment of contributions: A deferral can be requested for the contribution payments of the professional association & hospitality industry. This application can be made by phone 0621 4456 1581 or by emailen ( This applies to claims resulting from the contribution installments from 15.03. by May 15, 2020.

„We can offer the affected companies an interest-free contribution deferral. In addition, if someone is behind with contributions, we will suspend the enforcement of our claims. In doing so, we are making the contribution we can to avoid putting a financial burden on the companies concerned in a situation that threatens their existence.“ 

-Klaus Marsch, General Manager of the BGN

5 Use non-refundable emergency aid

The Federal Minister of Finance and the Federal Minister of Economics decided on March 23, 2020 that small businesses, self-employed persons and members of the liberal professions with up to 10 employees unbureaucratic financialEmergency aid can apply electronically. These grants do not have to be repaid. Details on how to apply will follow shortly on the website of theFederal Ministry of Finance.

  • Up to 9,000 monthly single payment for 3 months for up to 5 employeesn
  • Up to 15,000 one-time payment for 3 months for up to 10 employeesn


The current economic situation due to the coronavirus means an unprecedented challenge for restaurateurs. Therefore there is some financial help that can be used to bridge this time. From reducing personnel costs through short-time work, through the use of business closure insurance, to subsidies and tax deferrals: Fortunately, restaurateurs are given a helping hand in many places so that the crisis can be survived well.

We wish all entrepreneurs good health and hope that you will survive the crisis well thanks to the large number of funding opportunities.