Participation rules for HALM Straws GmbH for competitions and discounts

These general conditions of participation apply to competitions and competitions organized by HALM Straws GmbH, Thaerstraße 19, 10249 Berlin.


1.1. Anyone over the age of 18 with permanent residence in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is eligible to participate. Employees of HALM Straws GmbH as well as employees of cooperation partners and their relatives are excluded from participation.

1.2. For participation in HALM , these conditions of participation as well as competition rules for individual competitions apply, in which the course and period of the competition, the prizes, and the determination and announcement of the winners are determined.

1.3. Further conditions of participation, for example the duration of the competition, the type and scope of the prize, are specified for the respective competition. Participation in the competition is free.s.

1.4. If participation in the competition requires registration for the newsletter, the following applies:

1.4.1. Registration must be confirmed by email before the competition period expires.

1.4.2. By participating, you agree that the email address may be used for advertising purposes by HALM and the partner companies of the competition.

1.4.3. Only those who meet the conditions described in paragraphs 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 will take part in the competition. HALM cannot be held liable for late and / or incomplete entries.

1.4.4. Only one submitted registration per participant takes part in the competition. It is strictly forbidden to use multiple email addresses or multiple Facebook profiles to increase the chances of winning.

1.5. The following also applies to competitions via Facebook and Instagram: The competition is not connected to Facebook or Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or Instagram.


2.1. Only the prizes detailed in the competition publication will be drawn.

2.2. The winner (s) will be drawn at random within one business day of the campaign period.

2.3. The winner (s) will be notified by email to the email address provided or via the participating social media account. If the nature of the prize permits, the prizes will be mailed to the winner's address given upon registration. The winner (s) must confirm receipt of the notification as well as their name and address within 3 days of notifying the competition organizer of the prize using the contact routes provided in the notification. Otherwise the right to the prize expires and will be allocated to another participant. In this context, the participant is responsible for taking note of the notification of the win from HALM via his e-mail / social media account.

2.4. The delivery of prizes in kind is only free in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This applies to a delivery attempt. Otherwise, the winner has to bear the transport costs and other costs, duties, taxes, etc.n.

2.5. The claim to the profit cannot be assigned. The prize cannot be paid out, supplemented or changed. If for any reason the prize cannot be made available to the winner, HALM the right to provide a replacement prize of equal value.

2.6. The prizes can be viewed as taxable benefits for the winner (s). The winner (s) is / are solely and directly responsible for the settlement and payment to the respective tax authorities, as well as for the tax liability resulting from the profit.

2.7. The participant agrees that his / her name will be published on the website and the communication channels on which the competition is organized if he wins.


3.1. If the conditions of participation are HALM the right to exclude participants from the competition.


HALM is entitled to HALM , suspend or change the competition prematurely if unforeseen circumstances occur that are beyond the control of the organizer and make the original implementation difficult or unreasonable for HALM . This includes in particular, but not limited to, the unauthorized intervention of third parties, technical problems with hardware or software that are beyond the control of the organizer, as well as legal violations that are directly related to the implementation of the competition, in particular manipulative intervention in the Course of the competition.

Details of the data processed in the context of the competition and the related rights in favor of the participant can be found in our data protection declaration, which you can view HERE.

The judges' decision is final.



The Thirsty Santa competition runs from November 6, 2020, 4:00 p.m. to November 15, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

You can register for the newsletter via the link given in the description of the competition. By registering, participants agree that all competition partners may send them news and product offers by email.

The prizes will only be delivered to people aged 18 and over, as the prices are alcoholic beverages. The identity check is carried out by the parcel deliverer.


7.4.1. Participating partners in the competition are the following:
Berliner Brandstifter GmbH, KRU-BELL Industrie Consulting & Trade GmbH, Gentle Spirits GmbH, maxdrei UG limited liability, Craft Circus GmbH, Foodist GmbH, Nobody Spirits GmbH, Saatgutkonfetti BBS UG limited liability, kukki GmbH, Flying Bar Crew, AUWALD Destille GbR, FLSK Products GmbH and HALM Straws GmbH.mbH.

7.4.2. Only the prices detailed below will be drawn. HALM"Thirsty Santa" grand prize Bundle 1xx)
1x Berliner Brandstifter Aged Gin 700ml
1x Vodka23 gift set 0.7l bottle of Vodka23 2 noble shot glasseser)
1x Gentle Gin 500ml bottle
1x Gentle Gin 100ml bottle
3-4 bottles of tonic
1x Do Your Gin - Do Your Whiskey Kit
1x Do Your Gin - Do Your Tonic Kit
1x Message in a Bottle Gin Bundle with Without You everything is ginless - Limited Edition 500ml, 4x Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, 1 Message in a Bottle Gin Cupse
1x Cocktail Shaker Set from Foodist
1x Nobody Vodka 500ml
1x Nobody Liquor 500ml
1x Nobody Bottled Basilii”
1x 20g seed confetti
24 kukki cocktails
2x "Flying Bar Crew" Golden Gin Fizz
2x "Flying Bar Crew" flower cocktails
1x online cocktail workshop for the winner & best friend or partner cocktail shaker & hand juice press by Flying Bar Crewew”
2x 500ml PFFF / KRSCH organic liqueur peppermint cherryh)
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set
1x HALM set of 6
1x HALM Christmas motifs edition set of 6
1x HALM Party Set 27cm
2x FLSK 500ml BRDX HALM Bundle with Berlin Brandstifter 2xx)
1x Berlin Brandstifter Gin 700ml
1x 10g seed confetti
1x PFFF / KRSCH organic liqueur 20ml
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set
1x HALM set of 6 HALM bundle with VODKA23 1xx)
1x Vodka23 gift set 0.7l bottle of Vodka23 2 noble shot glasseser)
1x 10g seed confetti
1x PFFF / KRSCH organic liqueur 20ml
1x HALM Vodka Edition
1x HALM party set HALM Bundle with Gentle Gin(2x)
1x Gentle Gin 500ml
1x Gentle Gin 100ml
3 bottles of Thomas Henry Bottles
1x 10g seed confetti
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set
1x HALM set of 6 HALM Bundle with Do Your Gin(2x)
1x Do Your Gin Kit
1x 10g seed confetti
1x HALM set of 6
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set HALM bundle with HALM in a bottle gin (5x)
1x Give your life a gin message in a bottle ginn
1x Message in a Bottle Gin Cup
1x 10g seed confetti
1x PFFF / KRSCH organic liqueur 20ml
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set
1x HALM set of 6 HALM Bundle with Nobody Gin (1x)
1x Nobody Gin
1x 10g seed confetti
1x Nobody Bottled Negronii”
1x Nobody Bottled Gimlett”
1x HALM Gin Edition Party Set
1x HALM set of 6 HALM bundle with FLSK 1xx)
2x FLSK 500ml BRDX
1x 10g seed confetti
1x PFFF / KRSCH organic liqueur 20ml
1x HALM Party Set 27cm
1x HALM Christmas motifs edition set of 6 HALM bundle with Kukki cocktails (5x)
1x 10 Kukki cocktails
1x 10g seed confetti
1x HALM Party Set 27cm
1x HALM set of 6 HALM Bundle with Flying Bar Crew (5x)
1x Flying Bar Crew - Flower Cocktails
1x ice cube mold cocktail instructionsg
1x bar snacks
1x 10g seed confetti
1x HALM Christmas greetings Edition set of 6
1x HALM Edition Party Set