How-To:Sustainability in your gastronomy

June 07, 2023 6 min read

How-to: sustainability in your gastronomy

Advice from the experts

Those who work in an energy-saving and resource-conserving manner, saves costs at the same time . Besides, the general grows Sustainability awareness and guests are demanding more and more transparency. On top of that, protect the seas Plastic objects for which there are already environmentally friendly alternatives, Banned in all EU member states from 2021 should be.

Cutlery, dishes and straws made of plastic as well as food packaging made of Styrofoam are completely banned; the use of disposable food packaging and disposable plastic drinking cups and their accessories should be reduced significantly. But how can the topic Sustainability in the catering sector easiest to tackle We give you Tips like you today and without large investments can achieve lasting changes.


power consumption

Emissions and Extraction of raw materials through energy generation and consumption pollute the environment, but also the financial cost for your own company are significant. The average energy cost in the hospitality industry is 5-10 percent of sales to source:: DEHOGA environmental brochure, 2016.

So be sure to use one for new devices high energy efficiency class - In the long term, the acquisition costs are amortized through lower energy consumption.

But also with existing inventory and through minor adjustments there is a lot of potential to save energy. Look out for one full utilization and the correct setting from refrigerators and dishwashers, avoid the standby function and remove appliances from the network that are only used occasionally. Use energy-saving LED lamps , install motion detectors in offices, warehouses and sanitary facilities and heat according to actual needs.

Further immediate measures and detailed recommendations for action can be found on the website of DEHOGA energy campaign.

Shopping & food selection

Farm animal husbandry , transport and Food waste are among the greatest influencing factors on the environmental balance of the catering sector.

The reduction of animal foods in the menu, primarily one regional procurement as well as a good one calculation when purchasing and Menu planning therefore form the basis for a sustainable offer.

In addition, you can improve your own environmental balance if you click on when purchasing Reusable containers or Bulk containers instead of many small individual packages.

Of the Direct purchase at the Producer Not only does it shorten transport routes and reduce emissions due to cooling and storage, the close cooperation with producers and the lack of intermediaries also offer the possibility of Save costs .

At drinks are also regional products preferable, because even with actually environmentally friendly returnable glass bottles, long delivery routes have a negative effect on the ecological balance due to their weight.

Waste prevention

A total of 18 million tons of food waste a year is already generated 3.4 million tons of food waste only with large consumers, i.e. in restaurants, hotels and canteens. 2.4 tons of which are resources that would still be usable. Although shopping according to your needs and well-planned preparation helps, it is not always easy to control the waste that is generated in order to avoid food waste. The initiative Too good for the bin supplies Tips how to fix this problem reduce can. However, if not all dishes are consumed or there are unprocessed products left over, the Collaboration with platforms how Too good to go or Food sharing.

Likewise, it's supposed to be worth it Waste as recyclable material to look at and get creative - the bowl and other things can prove to be useful Sections of vegetables and fruits to use and also fermenting and boiling provides a good and resource-saving way to preserve food. The cook, author and activist, among others, provides inspiration for this Sophia Hoffmannwho work against the Waste of food begins.

Some manufacturers also use Leftovers from gastronomy to them as Material for new products to use - Coffee shape from Berlin, for example, uses old coffee grounds to make cups and mugs.

Packaging waste can be saved by doing without portion packaging and instead refillable containers use milk jugs and sauce dispensers and fill them from large containers.

Basically, the Introduction of waste separation , because separately collected recyclables such as paper, glass, plastics or organic waste can be almost completely recycled. As residual waste bins in contrast to recyclable bins costs money , the reduction of waste is also financially worthwhile.

Reusable instead of disposable

There are already sensible, long-term, cost-effective alternatives for all areas. Examples of durable reusable items that conserve resources are easy to care fore Cloth napkins , chopsticks made of stainless steel and our robust Drinking straws of glass. They are suitable for take-away meals at snacks or snack bars, but also as leftover boxes if the portion in the restaurant was too bigh environmentally friendly disposable solutions that are recyclable, compostable or even edible and made on the basis of renewable raw materials or recycled materials. For hot to-go drinks there is Deposit cup from providers like Recupthat can be returned at associated partner shops. HALM would also be suitable as a sustainable to-go companion and could be sold with the drink for an extra charge of 1-2. HALM own logo, the HALM becomes a Advertising medium .

An overview for using sustainable products for the catering industry can be found at, for example Tutaka.

Service & communication

90 percent of guests pay attention to the Choice of a restaurant also on his sustainability so the result of asurvey of the online reservation service Bookatable.

So let your guests know which sustainable measures you are taking by making your environmental management an integral part of yours Marketing make and reflect it in the service.

A harmonious equipment that on longevity and does without disposable items made of plastic or styrofoam, this is the beginning. Small details and touches such as filtered tap water that you provide or edible decorations instead of cocktail umbrellas, you can additionally underline your sustainable concept.

In the menu or via the direct contact in the service you can find information about the Origin of the ingredients used give. You can convey the special elements of your kitchen at events such as a summer party or an open house, or information events in which you present your suppliers and special products create additional added value.

Give to your guests Ideas that you can implement in your personal everyday life!

You can get your engagement also through various seal Confirm or part of a Community for sustainable gastronomy and the hotel industry. Greentable offers, for example, a platform for green hosts and hotel cooperationon Sleep Green Hotels certifies hotels for their sustainable efforts.Green bosses has a Award for sustainable restaurants and hotels that are sure to go down well with guests. Such cooperations or advertising measures for the international day of sustainable gastronomy on June 18 can give you additionale Range procure.

Practical examples

... which show that sustainable measures are easy to operate integrate and be well received by the audience.

The vegan-vegetarian Café Sturbock in Würzburg uses original and natural Ingredients that you get from the family bakery, the family brewery and the Naturlandhof region Respectively.

The classic Café Morgaen be draws most of the ingredients from regional producers , has a wide range of vegan dishes and also relies on high-quality and durable products such as our HALM glass HALM Glass Straws.

Pension Villa Vegana in Mallorca offers in their vegan kitchen Cooking classes to show guests their recipes and encourage them to cook sustainably.

The MB Café & Bar relies on changing , seasonal Daily specials whose ingredients are from the region come. They work with usM.arctic enthusiast together.


Who his Sustainable optimization of operational processes , can not only long term on Cost savings happy, but also secures competitive advantages.

If you save energy, primarily regional shopping Avoid waste as much as possible in the service ecological Alternatives and you can communicate all of this effectively, promote You not just yours Environmental balance , but you too image . And last but not least, your guests can look forward to an all-round sustainable experience.

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We would be happy to advise you and provide you with further information for your sustainable business.